Postal Office Information: Ntr Nagar B.O in Andhra Pradesh

In the dynamic landscape of the Indian postal system, each post office is a vital node connecting communities and fostering communication. Today, our focus is on Ntr Nagar B.O, a distinguished post office located in the Nellore Division of the Vijayawada Region within the Andhra Pradesh Circle.


  • Circle Name: Andhra Pradesh
  • Region Name: Vijayawada
  • Division Name: Nellore
  • Office Name: Ntr Nagar B.O
  • Pincode: 524002
  • Contact Number:
  • Office Type: Branch Office
  • Delivery Type: Non Delivery
  • District: Spsr Nellore
  • State Name: Andhra Pradesh
  • Latitude: 14.545597
  • Longitude: 79.928015

Location Insights

Ntr Nagar B.O is strategically positioned in the district of Spsr Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. As a Branch Office, it serves as a crucial hub for providing essential postal services to the local community. The precise latitude and longitude coordinates (14.545597, 79.928015) highlight the accuracy within the postal network.

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Role and Services

As a Non Delivery Branch Office, Ntr Nagar B.O ensures the efficient dispatch and receipt of mail within its designated area. The office is an integral part of the Nellore Division, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of the Vijayawada Region within the broader Andhra Pradesh Circle.

Pincode(Zipcode) Significance

The unique Pincode, 524002, assigned to Ntr Nagar B.O, is instrumental in the efficient sorting and routing of mail. This alphanumeric code is a key component of the addressing system, guaranteeing the prompt delivery of letters and packages to their intended recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pincode of Ntr Nagar B.O?

The pincode for Ntr Nagar B.O is 524002.

What is the post office name of pincode 524002?

The post office associated with pincode 524002 is Ntr Nagar B.O.

What is the complete address for 524002: Ntr Nagar B.O?

Postmaster, Ntr Nagar B.O Post Office, Nellore, Spsr Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

Which district is served by 524002: Ntr Nagar B.O?

Ntr Nagar B.O is located in the district of Spsr Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

How can I contact Ntr Nagar B.O for postal services?

For postal service inquiries, you can contact Ntr Nagar B.O directly or call to number .

Ntr Nagar B.O stands as a testament to the intricate web of the Indian postal system. In its unique capacity as a Branch Office in the Nellore Division, it actively contributes to the larger goal of facilitating communication and connectivity in the Andhra Pradesh Circle. Understanding the nuances of each post office, like Ntr Nagar B.O, is essential for appreciating the significance of the postal network in our daily lives.